LPolice Radio Podcast # 6, Firearms Instructor Kharis Sepulveda on the elements of training.

Instructor Kharis Sepulveda on the elements of training in today's environment. As an experienced instructor and range master.  

Active certified instructor since October 2005 in the following:
Private Investigator (Bilingual-English/Spanish)
S.O.R.A. (Security Officer Registration Act) Instructor
NRA Training Counselor
NRA Law Enforcement Instructor (Handgun/Shotgun, Patrol Rifle, Tactical Shooting)
Active Shooter Instructor
Low-Light Firearms Instructor
Range Master/Training Sgt.(ret) for an NJ State Law Enforcement Agency
Search & Transport of High-Risk Prisoners Instructor
Certified Mall Security Personnel in OC, Defensive Tactics, Use of Force & Handcuffing
Training and Consulting Services for Law Enforcement/Private Security/Civilians

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